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Beautiful Clouds
above places where people are facing difficult situations

The blue sky, with brilliant white clouds,
the morning sky with its golden clouds,
the red dusk when clouds turn mysteriously black like asphalt roads
The beauty of clouds is what we share, wherever we are.

If you draw a line between Srinagar in Kashmir, India and Basel in Switzerland you cross plenty of places being subjects of various conflicts and crises: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia…Switzerland. The situations in all this places may be different, but everywhere we see beautiful clouds in the sky, they float over our lives and unite us across borders.

Send us photos of beautiful clouds from any place.

Gradually they will spread all over the map and form a virtual banner from Srinagar to Basel (and beyond).

excerpt from the video shown at Srinagar Biennale Basel 2018
installation view: Srinagar Biennale Basel, Ausstellungsraum Klingental Basel 2018